Rear Center Diffuser Prototype Complete! Pre-Order Now!

Web Motorsports and NIA Auto Design have worked closely together for the past 3 months to bring a new and highly demanded product to the Tiburon community.  We are proud to announce that the Web Motorsports Rear Center Diffuser Prototype for the FL2 (2007-2008) Hyundai Tiburon is finally complete!  The mold is currently being built and we are now accepting pre-orders! Based on our overall company design concept, the rear center diffuser was created to be a clean layout to accentuate the natural body lines of the Tiburon while adding a touch of aggressiveness. We wanted to avoid a piece that would be too overbearing to the eye, which can be a distraction and actually takes away from the car. This is a design that is tasteful for a stock Tiburon yet dynamic enough for the most modified cars in the scene. This setup accommodates dual exhausts featuring 2 muffler cutouts. Louvers have been added for an aggressive look along with new contours to give it more depth. The muffler cutouts have been strategically modified to compensate for the 3 most commonly used muffler tips: OEM, round and quad.  The Rear Center Diffuser is NOT functional but rather for aesthetics only.

Be sure to check our products page for pricing!

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Posted On: 27 Aug 13


  1. I was happy awhile back when they announced they would be doing this diffuser in carbon fiber. Sadly as I was planning to pre-order I come to find out they only offer “carbon fiber hydro dipped” version of this diffuser….. I really wished you guys would have made available at least a real carbon fiber diffuser not the dipped look a like version…. I’ve seen carbon fiber hydro dipped car parts in person and they look so fake and such a waste. Nothing can come close to the look of real carbon fiber in the sun at angles and upclose… please please by all means at least have an option for a diffuser with REAL Carbon wrap on it. Just get the differser wrap it in real carbon fiber like some people have done to car parts. I promise you will make way more sales if you had real carbon fiber available and not this hydro dipped fake style carbon fiber look one. That’s what a lot of use have been dreaming and wanting for the diffuser.

    • Thanks for the comment, Nic.

      We were also disappointed that we would no longer be offering the diffuser with the carbon fiber option. It was at the last minute that we realized it wouldn’t be in our best interest to make it available after discussing the situation with the Tiburon community, which can be seen here:

      Nearing the end of the thread, you can see where we posed the question of which option people would most likely choose and the results were overwhelming. The vast majority chose the most basic option to shave cost. The issue is that the mold-making process is time-consuming and costly. 1 mold has to be created for each version: Fiberglass and carbon fiber; which means we’d have to produce 2 molds. Since there was only 1 person who “might” choose the carbon fiber option then it, clearly, was not worth the time, effort or investment. If the Web Motorsports’ Tiburon sells then we may have additional funds to push toward the aforementioned project. Until then, we simply can’t justify the cost.

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