Rear Diffuser Concept (2007 – 2008)


Web Motorsports’ Rear Diffuser Concept for 2007 – 2008 Hyundai Tiburons!




Based on our overall company design concept, this rendering was created to be a clean layout to accentuate the natural body lines of the Tiburon while adding a touch of aggressiveness. We wanted to avoid a piece that would be too overbearing to the eye, which can be a distraction and actually take away from the car. This is a design that is tasteful for a stock Tiburon yet dynamic enough for the most modified cars in the scene.

Since we already have a relationship with Nia Auto Design, we’ve decided to team up with  them to have this piece sculpted into reality. We’re honored to have their experience, detail and quality on this project!



-Material Options

The rear diffuser will be available in standard carbon fiber, your color choice of carbon fiber kevlar AND standard fiberglass. The fiberglass option will be for those of you who can’t afford the carbon fiber alternatives but simply want the updated aggressive look.

This rear diffuser is only for aesthetics. Though the piece will extend slightly underneath the car to compensate for the louvers, this will not be a functional diffuser. Keep in mind that this will not be a “wrap” but rather a true mold that is a direct replacement.


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